Serving as stewards of the animals, land and

environment entrusted to us

Harvesting corn that will be used to produce feed for our livestock.

Continuing the tradition...

and passion of high standard farming and agri-business since 1940. Today, Sietsema Farms’ partners and associates contribute to the production of 800,000 swine and 1.3 million turkeys annually.

Young turkeys in their barn.
Nursery pigs are very energetic.

We are committed to...

producing the safest, highest quality food available to consumers locally and worldwide. If you are interested in joining our network of family farms, please visit our partnership page for more information.

Some of the Sietsema family members that work for the many different businesses.
Pure Michigan Farming!
Doing our very best to be the best!

Proudly setting positive examples...

in all our agribusiness activities. We participate in many different voluntary certification programs to ensure we are using the most up-to-date practices to meet consumer demands and produce safe food.

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Sietsema Farms

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