Environmental Stewardship

Harvesting corn that will be used to produce feed for our livestock.

American farmers care deeply about their land and animals. We strive to provide the best possible management practices to allow for our resources to thrive from generation to generation. We care about our environment and do our best to maintain and improve all the resources and land in our care.

Sietsema Farms participates in many different voluntary certification programs to ensure we are using the most up-to-date practices to meet consumer demands and produce safe food. Modern animal housing is well ventilated, warm, well lit, clean and scientifically designed to meet specific needs for temperature, light, water and food, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.
Taking care of the environment is also a very important part of agriculture. Agriculture is now creating more products with less resources. Farmers can grow five times as much corn today as in the 1930s on 20% less land. Pork producers are using 78% less land and 41% less water per pound of pork produced. These steps toward sustainability show farmers’ commitment to the environment.
Taking good care of the Earth is one way we at Sietsema Farms ensure that land will be available for future generations and also helps to insure the food we produce is safe and healthy.

Fun facts about how farming has improved over the years.

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